Climate change, also often called the climate emergency, is the biggest challenge humanity has ever had to face. However, it is made by humans – and the solution for it also lies in our hands. 

While we cannot fend it off without political and economic powers pulling together, we do all get to have our say with the choices we make every single day. 

In my private life, this has taken the form of changing to a vegan diet, buying my vegetables and fruits almost exclusively regionally and seasonally from local farmers, keeping separate bins, reducing plastic as much as possible and using public transport instead of owning a car. 

Working freelance, I also get to adjust many of my professional choices, so long as they are affordable within my small business setting.

My business cards and flyers have all been printed by an Austrian company using recycled paper; my whiteboard was bought from a local company and 70% of the material used was recycled; my work backpack is fully made of recycled plastic bottles; my professional travel is almost exclusively done by public transport. 

Sustainability is a topic very close to my heart. As a community who shares this planet, we have a responsibility towards each other, and especially towards the younger generation. I’m in a privileged position where I can try and allow my choices to reflect that, and it is important to me to do all I can to the best of my ability to guarantee a safe future for the next generations.