An important part of my classes is working on learning competencies. I try to not only help my students acquire knowledge, but also to understand how they can study better in the future and use their strengths to their advantage, so they will continue performing well long after our last class.

I offer:

Class Formats

I offer in-person classes either at my office in Bergheim (easily accessible via public transport; Bus 21 or S1) but for an additional fee I can also travel to students in Salzburg and the surrounding area, depending on access through public transport.

I offer the following formats for classes:


Isn’t that a bit much…?

When people think of tutoring, they usually think of €10,- maybe up to €15,- per hour. And larger institutes are indeed able to afford that rate. They have larger groups of 5-10 students which are looked after by a single teacher. There is usually no paid preparation time for teachers – exercises are looked up and printed after the student has arrived, and will be completed by students on their own. The teacher returns every 10-15 minutes, corrects the work and prints off the next worksheet.

While other institutes might charge more, prep time often remains unpaid and unaccounted for. The more an institute charges, the more they also tend to keep – which can be up to 50% of the money paid by the clients, leaving teachers in a fairly badly paid position.

That’s why I’ve chosen to go freelance.

Course Price
Basic Price Individual Classes
€ 35,-
Basic Price Group Classes
€ 25,- / Per Person
Additional Travel Cost
€ 4,-
Additional Travel Cost after 30 Minutes of Travel
€ 4,-,- for every 10 minutes
Cancellation less than 24 hours before
€ 18,-
No Show
€ 35,- / 25,-

All the little things hiding in a price tag…

I always prepare for my classes. For every unit, I calculate between 30-60 minutes preparation time. Next to routine exercises, I try to adjust my materials according to the needs and interests of my students. This is important to me because I want my students to find joy in education on their own terms.

I pay for all my materials (i.e. paper, ink, books, whiteboard, Zoom), and even though at times more expensive, I always try to go for the most environmentally friendly options.

In order to make responsible and sustainable choices, I use public transport when I need to travel privately or for work, even though it often means longer travel times for myself.

My training materials and opportunities are organised and paid for by myself. The time that goes into them is also unpaid.

As my teaching approach is holistic, I try to communicate as much as possible with my students’ parents, as helping my students should be a team effort, not a one-man show, so many hours of email writing, texts and short calls are also included.

I have an MA Hons in Psychology and an MSc in Educational Studies from the University of Dundee and the University of Glasgow respectively, as well as various educational diplomas.

As a self-employed worker, my hours also need to cover my sick leave and holiday pay, because being sick or taking a break is paid by myself too. Additionally, my fee also includes the taxes I have to pay as a self-employed person.

Individual Classes

€ 35,-

Group Classes

€ 25,- /per person

Travel Cost

€ 4,-

For those with low income

However, I do understand that €35,- an hour can create a financial barrier. Should you find yourself in the situation that you really want my help, but cannot at the moment afford it financially, I offer up to 20% discount for those with insufficient income.

Should you find yourself in that situation, please approach me for a personal chat about this so we can find the best possible solution for you. Nobody should ever be denied access to education because they don’t have the financial means. At the end of the day, we are all just trying to get by on the income we have.