People are alike in our innate curiosity about the world, our drive to explore and learn about our environment. Whether it is at home, at school, reading the newspaper, watching Youtube videos or through practical work, we each have interests and things that we want to know more about. 

However, we often forget that in school. Instead of continuing to explore, learning becomes an exercise in book reading and regurgitating facts. We forget how much joy new understanding and skills bring us, and instead remember only that we failed French class or really struggled in Maths. 

But if I have learnt one thing it is that everyone can learn. I would even say that anyone can learn anything if necessary. It’s just about figuring out the best way for yourself to pick up new information and skills. 

People need to spark their curiosity and then anything is possible. 

My task as a teacher is to provide tools for my students. I help them help themselves by providing outlines and examples for them to explore their strengths and weaknesses. Rather than fighting ourselves, I think the key to learning is all about embracing our strengths and weaknesses and using them to our advantage, rather than spending all our energy on trying to change who we are. 

And if that sometimes means falling flat on our faces because we made mistakes, then that’s great. Winning is lovely, but losing is when we get the chance to learn something new and try again the next time.

Rather than preparing my students for an exam or a Schularbeit, I want to provide them with the skills and tools necessary to continuously find joy and success throughout their lives.  

At the end of the day: Non scholae sed vitae discimus.

(We should not learn for school, but for life.)

Or as I like to say: You are doing this for no one but yourself. This is for you.