Lee Fotheringham

+43 684 2022 9833

  • English (Oberstufe und Unterstufe)
  • Conversational English
  • Business English

This expat Scotsman has been a teacher for many years: dancing, adult education, first aid training… He has a wide range of teaching experience and is keen to continue teaching English in Salzburg after he completed the Cambridge CELTA in 2020. 

Lee’s main area of expertise is Business English, which also fits very well for Lehrlinge at the Berufsschule. His Scottish accent is particularly well suited for working on listening skills, and his classes are great for working on conversational English. However, he is happy to teach across all levels, and while people are often worried about his accent being too difficult a challenge for beginners, it is actually a quick way to improve their skills. 

He is a very funny teacher who has come to the profession because of the joy he finds in working with people and helping them develop their skills. If you want a good laugh while working on your English skills, I would definitely recommend Lee as a teacher.


Adam Jackson

  • Maths (in English, all levels)

Maths isn’t just a school subject for Adam, but a passion. Solving equations and facing mathematical problems is an intriguing task for him, and he manages to make it just as interesting for his students. 

Adam studied Mathematics at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Excelling in his studies, he was able to skip his Bachelor degree and go straight to a Masters. Since then he has been working for the British tax office and has made his passion for numbers his job. 

Adam is a tutor because he enjoys working out mathematical problems in cooperation with his students. His motto is “maths is not a spectator sport”, and it has shown to be a key to success. 


Sophie Rinnerthaler

  • English (Unterstufe)
  • Spanish (A1-A2)
  • Medientechnik
  • Maths (Unterstufe)

Sophie understands what it is like to struggle in school. Before she developed her passion for languages and digital media in high school, she was having a hard time as a middle-schooler. Once she found a better way to study though, she went from being a struggling student to getting straight-As over the course of a single summer.

After high school, Sophie spent a year abroad in London and then returned home to study “Media technology and design” at the University of Hagenberg. She spent her final semesters at the IT University of Copenhagen and in a digital agency in northern Germany. Once graduated, she kicked off her career in the field of Video Production.

As a teacher, Sophie specializes in helping out young learners and people that are just getting started in the areas of English, Spanish, Mediatech and Maths. She thinks that learning something new should be exciting rather than just downright frustrating. This philosophy is reflected in her calm, encouraging teaching style.


The English Centre

The English Centre has been a fixture in the landscape of language learning in Salzburg for 15 years. I already liked to drop by as a student, Iooking for foreign language books I would be unable to find anywhere else in town.

Next to various English language courses, you can find Yoga classes, discussion groups and book groups here – not only for English, but also other languages like Spanish.

I personally often get resources through The English Centre and like to send my students there to have a look around the shop to find new materials. Should students run into unexpected learning difficulties due to neurodivergence, I work together with The English Centre to provide the best possible support for them.

Hopefully, this cooperation will extend in the future, as we are planning to host courses and events together. I appreciate The English Centre for their commitment to the community in Salzburg and their hard work, and I would definitely recommend dropping by if you haven’t been there yet!